Passion and Pride

In 2014, my wife, Beth, and I took over as owner/operators of Superior Handling Equipment, a proud 40-yr-old company. Together we have built a dynamic team who care about our customers and take great pride that Superior builds the best dock lifts in the world. We have employees with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of Speed-Lifts. Our dedication to this low maintenance product line has meant that Superior’s customers experience a low cost of ownership with minimal need for a service-based distributor to support their daily operation. We know that our customer suffers when a dock lift goes down or employee time is lost due to injury.  With Speed-Lifts, our customers don't need to worry about moving products into and out of their facilities and can focus on the improved productivity and profitability introduced into their daily operations.

Over Four Decades Of Superior Dock Lifts

Established in Ormond Beach FL in 1977, Superior Handling Equipment was founded on the American-made Speed-Lift, the only dock lift that utilizes a robust cantilever-motion design and Automatic Folding Ramps to safely and quickly load/unload trucks.  The company’s focused efforts on this lift’s development has culminated in a product line that incorporates maximum productivity, safety, and flexibility with standard features and customizable options, all of which reinforce the durability, reliability, and operational efficiency of this universal answer to material handling applications.   

Through the company’s commitment to a ‘designed for purpose’ solution, the Speed-Lift is safer, more efficient, longer lasting, and more energy efficient than the competing generic scissor lift design. 

While many times the optimal solution for loading and offloading trucks is a proper dock, the Speed-Lift provides a cost effective alternative and, based upon its inherent safety, reliability and low cost of ownership, customers have chosen to forego building a dock in favor of a Speed-Lift. 

In 2017 Superior introduced the world’s first and only towable dock lift that not only provides the capability for loading/unloading trucks in the absence of a dock or lift gates but also, as a trailer, can transport up to 2,000 pounds of cargo.  Utilizing the field proven technologies of the Speed-Lift, the Mobile Dock Lift’s self-contained, mobile design saves time, labor, and money wherever a truck’s load needs to be handled in the absence of any supporting infrastructure, whether that be in permanent installations or temporary situations such as seasonal agricultural operations, construction sites, the military, disaster zones, etc.