Warranty/Certification Program

(Updated 2/11/19)


Superior Handling’s industry-leading 5-year Parts & Labor Warranty, 10-year Extended Warranty, Preventative Maintenance and Certification Programs can keep your Speed-Lift operating safely and reliably for many years.  When you purchase a Speed-Lift, you acquire a valuable asset plus the strongest guarantee in the market.

New Speed-Lift (non-Mobile) Warranty (Lifts sold after 2/1/19)

  • 5-year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • 15-year Frame Warranty (covers steel frame under normal use & service)

  • Web-based instruction and training videos available

  • Requires documented, bi-annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) performed by a factory-authorized technician

New Mobile Speed-Lift Warranty

  • 1-year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Web-based instruction and training videos available

  • Requires documented, bi-annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) performed by a factory-authorized technician

Extended Warranty: 1-year Parts & Labor

  • Availability: Up to 10 years after manufacture

  • Cost: $1750/year

  • Includes bi-annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) service

  • Only available if warranty coverage has been continuous or lift has been certified “Superior” (see below)

Parts & Technical Support: Non-Warranty

  • Availability: Up to 15 years after manufacture

  • Free Web/Phone Parts Support to identify (not diagnose) replacement components 

  • Web/Phone Technical Support - $85/hr (1 hr minimum)

End-of-Life/Support: Speed-Lifts older than 15 years

Superior cannot provide direct technical or parts support for lifts over 15 years old unless they have been certified “Superior” (see below) by a factory-authorized technician.  Replacement parts may become unavailable due to component obsolescence in older designs.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Documented, bi-annual Preventative Maintenance (PM) is required to maintain your Superior warranty. This must be performed by a factory-authorized technician and include the following:

  • Superior’s 16-step PM Procedure

  • Superior’s 23-point Safety and Reliability Inspection

  • Submitted documentation of completed PM activity

Cost: $1000/year (two bi-annual visits) – when serviced by Superior

“Superior” Certification

The continued safe and reliable operation of your Speed-Lift is very important to us. With regular preventative maintenance and component replacement, a Speed-Lift can operate safely for many years.  Unfortunately, lifts are often neglected and therefore can become unreliable and dangerous to operate. When a lift has reached end-of-life (over 15 years), we can no longer provide direct support unless the lift has been certified “Superior”.  With this certification, you can feel confident that your Speed-Lift will continue to operate safely and without interruption.

In order to maintain or obtain “Superior” Certification the following requirements must be met.

  1. Must contain only factory-authorized components

  2. Must contain no rebuilt/reconditioned cylinders

  3. Must pass 23-point Safety and Reliability Inspection

  4. If requirements 1-3 are not met, it must be remedied by a factory-authorized technician. You will receive a quote detailing the Required Service (see below) within 2 days of your inspection.

Cost: $500 - Includes 16-step PM procedure

Term:  Indefinite with continuous documented, bi-annual PM and passed inspection.

Required Service

Depending on lift condition and location, some lifts can be serviced onsite. Some will require offsite reconditioning or replacement. If you choose to replace your Speed-Lift, the certification cost will be credited toward a new Speed-Lift purchase.