Below is a sampling of the different configurations we build to accommodate site layouts and needs

Pad Height Variations

-Our lowboy (LOB) models are designed to accommodate pad heights up to 38" above the truck approach.

Dock to Ground/Ground to Dock

-By turning our lifts around and putting the motor end against a dock, our lifts can be used to move products from ground level up to a dock or raised platform and vice versa.

Moving Products From Various Truck-Heights Up To a Dock

-Our winches are for moving products from both ground level to dock level and vice versa, as well as from various truck heights up to dock level and vice versa. We have hydraulic winch and manual winch options which allow you to open the ramp end at any height needed.

Restricted Space

-Our side-off (SOP) configurations are ideal where end access is not feasible i.e. - when trucks have to back up parallel to a building.

Raised Floor or Platform

-Platform Stops (PLTS) can be added to make the lift stop at a pre-determined height rather than all the way to the ground.

Weather Protection

-Weather Shields, comprised of a top canvas canopy and clear sides, are available for protection from the rain and snow.

Extra Barriers-

-Side Frame Enclosures (SFE) and Accordion Folding Curtains (AFC) keep objects from going under the lift when it's in the raised position.

Platform Width Options

-Extra wide platforms (EWP) are available to accommodate side-by-side loads. We can build any size you require.

Inside Locations with Restricted Access

-For locations with restricted openings, our EZ-Install lifts are shipped in two pieces and assembled and installed on-site by our technicians.

Too Little Space on Dock and Truck Approach

-Our Frame Beyond Dock (FBD) model is a creative solution if there's not enough space to put the whole lift either in front of the dock or on top of the dock.

Multiple Bays or Loading Points

-To service multiple points with one Speed-Lift, we have a Lateral Track Mobility (LTM) option where our lift can be easily pushed along a steel track.

Restricted Access or Odd Layout

-Our combination side-off/end-off (SOP/EOR) model allows for off-loading in two directions - note: the end-ramp will automatically fold up as the lift is raised.