Dock Lift Safety Features – Customer Safety At The Forefront


Speed-Lift | Unbeatable Safety Features

Superior Handling Equipment puts the safety of its customers at the forefront. When designing and manufacturing each dock lift model, every process is approached from the user’s point-of-view.

As such, every single Speed-Lift offers unbeatable safety features:
Speed-Lifts come standard with Automated Folding Ramps, creating an enclosed platform for the operator, unique only to Speed-Lifts – greatly increasing safety when compared to scissor lifts.

Platform railings are permanently attached and covered with expanded metal mesh.

One-piece bridge construction eliminates hazards to fingers and hands, unlike manual “throw-over” plates used by most scissor lifts and hydraulic ramp lifts.

Three-sided frame and hinged ramps provide complete 360-degree toe and foot protection for the operator.

Speed controls are simultaneously operational from either end of the platform, on the ground, at the rear of a truck, or from a dock.

Seven anchor systems for fixed-position truck stopping are available in addition to the standard crank-down stabilization jacks found on every Speed-Lift.