SL-5000/SL-6000/SL-8000 Speed-Lifts

5,000 Lb & 6,000 Lb, & 8,000 LB Capacity Portable Loading Dock Lifts


Our Silver Line features the SL-5000SL-6000, and SL-8000 Speed-Lifts. These models are suitable for loading/unloading trucks with hand carts, manual pallet jacks, and powered pallet jacks. Because all of our lifts are custom-built the pricing can vary, but our smallest model, the SL-5000-A, starts at $16,624.

All lifts come standard with Automated Folding Ramps (AFR) which maximize efficiency and safety by automatically opening and closing as the lift raises and lowers, which creates a safe environment for the operator on board.

All lifts are custom-built according to each location's specific needs and layout. They're available in three standard platform sizes (see below) to accommodate your specific lifting requirements. Extra wide platforms of 68" and 96" are available on all Silver Line models to allow for extra cargo space. Side-off configurations are available as well on all 'B' length and longer models for applications that have space constraints in the loading dock area.

Please view our Speed-Lift Portable Dock Lifts Demonstration Videos to see how this unique dock lift solution will fill your needs.


SL-5000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-5000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-5000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-5000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-6000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-6000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-6000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-6000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-8000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-8000-A: 68” x 84”
SL-8000-B: 68” x 96”
SL-8000-C: 68” x 120”

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