SL-5000/SL-6000/SL-8000 Speed-Lifts

5,000 Lb & 6,000 Lb, & 8,000 LB Capacity Loading Dock Lifts


Our Silver Line features the SL-5000SL-6000, and SL-8000 Speed-Lifts. These models are suitable for loading/unloading trucks with hand carts, manual pallet jacks, and powered pallet jacks. Because all of our lifts are custom-built the pricing can vary, but our smallest model, the SL-5000-A, starts at $17,389.

Please view our Photos & Videos to see how this unique dock lift solution will fill your needs.


SL-5000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-5000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-5000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-5000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-6000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-6000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-6000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-6000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-8000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-8000-A: 68” x 84”
SL-8000-B: 68” x 96”
SL-8000-C: 68” x 120”

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