Dock Lift Efficiency – Environmentally Friendly Benefits

Speed-Lift | Energy Savings & Environmentally Responsible

Speed-Lifts offer high-grade environmentally friendly benefits rarely seen in the material handling industry.

The Speed-Lift requires electricity only when raising the platform and returns to the ground with gravitational force — resulting in significant energy savings. Speed-Lift durability is also top-of-the-line; produced with high grade steel, cylinders, and electrical components

You’ll immediately notice the efficiency benefits that Speed-Lifts add to shipping and receiving operations. Vehicle congestion reduction, increase in product movement rate, as well as efficient energy consumption are a few of the performance benefits to utilizing Speed-Lifts.

Speed-Lift’s design also offers more environmentally responsible benefits. Since they're all surface-mounted they don't require in-ground pits which eliminates undetected oil leaks, ground water contamination, and collection areas for other liquids or solid debris.