Over Four Decades Of Superior Dock-Lifts

 Superior Handling Equipment, LLC was founded on the Speed-Lift, a unique dock-lift that utilizes a robust parallelogram-motion design.  The company’s focused efforts on this lift’s development has culminated in a product line that incorporates maximum flexibility with standard features and customization options, all of which reinforce the safety, durability, reliability and operational efficiency of this universal answer to most material handling applications.   

Through the company’s commitment to a ‘designed for purpose’ solution, the Speed-Lift is safer, more efficient, longer lasting, more reliable and energy efficient than the competing generic scissor lift design. 

Speed-Lifts range from the compact 5,000 lb capacity model to the 25,000 lb heavy duty industrial workhorse. 

Safety and efficiency are designed into the product with proprietary Automatic Folding Ramps which fold both into the truck and onto the ground without the need for manual operator intervention.  While competing technologies require the operator to negotiate his way around the platform’s load to physically lower and raise the ramps, the Speed-Lift operator concentrates on moving the product, thereby increasing the throughput in loading/unloading operations whilst protecting the operator from potential foot, hand and back injury opportunities of those competing designs.

Speed-Lifts do not require pits, drains, steel bollards or other costly on-site infrastructure. The Speed-Lift is fully self-contained whilst being specifically designed to accommodate vehicular impacts without incurring either damage to the lift or injuries to personnel. Superior supplies parts to lifts that have seen continuous service for over 30 years. 

While many times the optimum solution for loading and offloading trucks is a proper dock, the Speed-Lift provides a cost effective alternative and, based upon its inherent safety, reliability and low cost of ownership, customers have chosen to forego building a dock in favor of a Speed-Lift. 

In 2017, with its patent pending, Superior introduced the world’s first and only towable dock lift that not only provides the capability for loading/unloading trucks in the absence of a dock or lift gates but also, as a trailer, can transport up to 2,000 pounds of cargo.  Utilizing the field proven technologies of the Speed-Lift, the Mobile Dock Lift’s self-contained, mobile design saves time, labor and money wherever a truck’s load needs to be handled in the absence of any supporting infrastructure, whether that be in permanent installations or temporary situations such as seasonal agricultural operations, construction sites, the military, disaster zones, etc.


Superior has a broad and loyal customer base including supermarket chains, national retailers, hospitals, schools, manufacturing and general industrial applications. Other specialized applications include the military, bakeries, wineries, government institutions and museums.

 Return on Investment

The Speed-Lift starts saving operational costs from the very first offload. When smooth, controlled and quiet operation is combined with the Automatic Folding Ramps and a full-load rated platform, the Speed-Lift significantly outperforms the competing scissor-design, being more than three times as fast in loading/offloading operations.

 Unlike competing designs, it is not necessary to shield the Speed-Lift from its friend “The Truck” as the Speed-Lift was created to withstand a typical truck impact. Not only does the robust steel frame with integral solid molded rubber bumpers accommodate truck impacts, but it also serves to shield operators from foot, hand and back injuries prevalent in the shearing actions inherent in other designs. 

With downtime being unacceptable to our customers, the Speed-Lift’s reliability is extraordinary with a solid steel construction, and field proven COTS components. For sheer reliability, the electro-hydraulic control system is unsurpassed.  As a result, Speed-Lifts have remained in continuous operation for more than 30 years with minimal routine maintenance and occasional part replacement. 

                                   Patented Parallelogram Design

                                  Patented Parallelogram Design

                               Generic Scissor Design

                              Generic Scissor Design

Warranty and Service

Superior maintains a complete 24-month parts and labor warranty vs. the industry’s standard 12-month warranty that may cover parts only. Superior provides 24 /7 customer service, maintains a parts inventory, and offers a preventative maintenance service - all of which ensure that the lift is safe and well-maintained for rapid offloading and uninterrupted usage over a long and productive life.

Passion and Pride

We care about our customers and take great pride that Superior builds the best dock lifts in the world. We have employees with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of Speed-Lifts. Our dedication to this low maintenance product line has meant that Superior’s customers experience a low cost of ownership with minimal need for a service-based distributor to support their daily operation. We know that our customer suffers when a dock lift goes down or employee time is lost to injury. No one should have to worry about the offloading of trucks. With Speed-Lifts, our customers no longer worry about material handling into and out of their facilities, and can focus on the improved profitability introduced into their daily operations.